All Things Single
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All Things Single

With the release of his debut album, In Tokens & Charms, in January 2015, Delhi based singer songwriter Prateek Kuhad firmly established himself as a frontrunner in the Indian independent music scene. 
Big Surprise is a song about leaving home. It's also about the comforting thoughts and associations that come with finding a space that you can call home, with this All Things flavour we've tried to recreate that same warmth with familiar ingredients in a combination that delights and surprises.
Additional Information:
All Things Single is a collaborative property where we work with musicians from across the country. Each bar of chocolate not only tells a unique story about the artist's music through its design and flavour, but also gives you access to their latest single. For music lovers to enjoy and participate in artist development, by purchasing and promoting music they enjoy. (with a side of chocolate!)