Roasted Malabar Forest Cocoa Nibs
Rs. 220.00

Roasted Malabar Forest Cocoa Nibs

The cocoa grown by 71 small scale farmer families in the midst of the remote forest of Kaithapara in an altitude of 1200 m is inter-cropped with timber trees like teak and fruit trees like coconut, papaya, mango, jack fruit or banana but also with spices like black pepper, nutmeg, cashew and Cardamom.
With a total forest area of approx. 83,5 km2 and 77 hectares of farming lands (organic) cultivated, this scenic wild forest provides ideal growing conditions for the fruity, raisin, chocolatey and buttery/caramel beans, named Malabar forest.
After fermenting the beans in wild jack wood containers they are sun dried before they reach us, post which we roast and crack them making them a perfect healthy and delicious snack!