Hot Chocolate Ice Cream

Hot Chocolate Ice Cream

This recipe is a great companion on a hot summer day! Made using our drinking chocolate mix which has a rich aromatic taste - blended with coffee and raw cane sugar.




  • Whip the cream to a medium peak stage in a stand mixer or using an electric whisk. 
  • Add condensed milk and continue to whisk till it reaches stiff peaks.
  • For cocoa cappuccino: add 1 sachet of Cocoa Cappuccino and pour 135ml of hot milk on top. Mix it well till it thickens. Now let it cool before adding it to the ice-cream base.
  • Pour half a cup of cocoa cappuccino and the 64% Single Origin Malabar Forest Chef's Chocolate into the ice-cream base and fold it in using a spatula. 
  • Store it overnight in an air-tight container.

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